À VENIR: Réunion à Pain Court

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Pour les électeurs et les électrices francophones, nous allons avoir une réunion publique bilingue à Pain Court! Vous pouvez venir exprimer vos intérêts personnels approchant l’élection en Octobre. Notre candidat vert, Anthony, a hâte de vous parler en français pour mieux comprendre vos concernes! Venez nous joindre le 10 août, samedi à Parc Centennaire (18-20 rue Notre Dame, Pain Court) à 1400h!

UPCOMING: Komoka Town Hall

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We are excited to announce our next stop in our Town Hall Series: Komoka, Mount Brydges, Delaware, and Killworth! We will be meeting on Tuesday August 6th, 2019 at 7:00PM at the Komoka Community Centre (1 Tunks Lane, Komoka). We are coming to you so that you can express your concerns, and we will listen. In Ilderton, we heard about many issues that were of concern to people including protecting drinking water, electoral reform, parliamentary cooperation with other parties and other levels of government, the meaning of whipping votes, the concerns about pipeline expansion across LKM, how implementing Mission: Possible… Read More »UPCOMING: Komoka Town Hall

UPCOMING: Ilderton Town Hall

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We are making our way through the riding with a Town Hall Series, starting in Ilderton! Join us on Thursday, August 1st at 6:30PM at the Ilderton Community Centre (13168 Ilderton Rd, Ilderton) to launch our series. Come and meet with our candidate, Anthony Li, and other passionate individuals to share your feedback about what needs to be done in your community. We look forward to seeing you there! Follow our Facebook event

UPCOMING: Campaign Launch for Anthony Li

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Join us this Sunday, July 28th, 2PM at the Crabby Joe’s in Strathroy (323 Caradoc Street South) to be a part of our Campaign Launch! Learn what’s to come in the months ahead, contribute to our Strategic Direction, and enjoy some food. Meet with others passionate about our Green policies and connect with our candidate!

Community Matters Town Hall with Elizabeth May

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Our team is excited to attend the Community Matters Town Hall in Guelph tomorrow evening! Looking forward to meeting other candidates and like-minded individuals and have important discussions on how to secure our future for humanity and the natural world – we need to act now!

Nature Talks: It’s Almost Here!

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Tom Chatterton, one of our guest speakers for our Nature Talks event, invites you to come join in our discussion this Sunday! “The local chapter of the Green Party of Canada will be sponsoring a discussion session on the effects of climate change and the various conservation efforts that locally and globally might mitigate the effects. Larry Cornelis and I will be making presentations to the group and the public who will be attending. This is not a political event simply sponsored by the Greens.” —Tom Chatterton Everyone is warmly welcomed to attend. We will also be holding a native… Read More »Nature Talks: It’s Almost Here!

Nature Talks and Native Plant Sale with Larry Cornelis and Tom Chatterton

Come join us and guest speakers Larry Cornelis and Tom Chatterton at Edward International Academy, 430 King St, Wallaceburg on July 14th, 2019 from 2PM–3PM! We are honoured to announce that Larry Cornelis and Tom Chatterton of Wallaceburg will be giving a public presentation on the local effects of climate change and grassroots solutions to mitigating its effects. Both are highly-respected Conservationists who have spent their lifetimes following the diversity and health of the flora and fauna in our unique Carolinian habitat. Both have dedicated themselves to the Conservation and Management of many significant wild spaces in the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex region.… Read More »Nature Talks and Native Plant Sale with Larry Cornelis and Tom Chatterton

Working on our new site!

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We are currently updating our website to add some interesting new features. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting more information there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can contact us at lambtonkentmiddlesex@greenparty.ca Second, you can come to meet our new candidate on April 28th from 2 to 4 at The Duke on Sydenham Restaurant, 51 King Street in Strathroy, Ontario! Please come out and be part of the beginning of something great! We look forward to seeing you. Jim Johnston