Nature Talks: It’s Almost Here!

  • wpadmin 

Tom Chatterton, one of our guest speakers for our Nature Talks event, invites you to come join in our discussion this Sunday!

“The local chapter of the Green Party of Canada will be sponsoring a discussion session on the effects of climate change and the various conservation efforts that locally and globally might mitigate the effects. Larry Cornelis and I will be making presentations to the group and the public who will be attending. This is not a political event simply sponsored by the Greens.”
—Tom Chatterton

Everyone is warmly welcomed to attend. We will also be holding a native plant and seed sale for restoring & protecting pollinative pathways for bees, insects and birds. All plants are $6 and all seed packets are $10!

See you on Sunday July 14 at the Edward International School (the old D.A. Gordon) 420 King Street, Wallaceburg from 2:00-3:00PM.

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